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Papers on DNNs and Dialog

For this assignment, each member of the dialog paper groups should find a paper that applies deep learning to dialog, preferably addressing the same topic as your previous presentation. If there hasn’t been any work in that area using DNNs (for example in clarification dialogs), the group should decide on a new area, such as… Read More »

Dialog Topic Presentations

Presentations start Friday, Nov 16 15-20 minutes each (so each person’s part should be ~7 minutes) Put your presentations in the Dialog Topics folder Today:  Discuss the papers What is the key problem it is addressing Where/how was it successful What challenges does it identify? Research:  Each person in the group Select a related paper… Read More »

Dialog Topics Papers

Dialog Topics and Papers The following are the set of papers that will be the “jumping off point” for your research and presentations.  You and a partner (or partners) will find two other papers that expand on the paper you are assigned in some way. You will be pulling the information from all 3 papers… Read More »

Getting Started with Kaldi

The purpose of this first Kaldi tutorial is get you familiar with Kaldi.  The models are very small, so you can run this on your own computer or take this opportunity to used to using your department accounts, which you’ll need for later assignments when you’ll be building bigger models. Kaldi Y/N Assignment Replicate the tutorial… Read More »

Welcome to CS136a Speech & Dialog

This page will have all of your assignments. Due dates are end of day unless otherwise noted. If you need an extension, you must ask for it 24 hours before the due date (unless there is some immediate emergency). Include a proposed new date/time you can get the assignment done by. (EoD: End of Day:… Read More »