Final Project

By | March 27, 2020

Final projects will  be done in pairs, so there will be 4 groups of 2 each.  Groups can enlist auditing students to help, but it will be their choice to join a group.

Projects will center around a research are in dialog and will have three parts:

  1. Literature review:  research your area and collect relevant papers.  You’ll  be presenting some to the class and producing a “position paper” summarizing the literature and how it impacts dialog system building today.
  2. Data analysis:  Progress relies on data.  Use the Multiwoz data set and others to show examples of the problem you’re researching and discuss what data would move the area forward.
  3. Implementation:  Ensure your group has a working baseline from the  previous assignment, which may require some code and data merging.
    •  Create a plan for how this baseline could  be improved in the area you are researching
    • Implement as much as possible in Dialogflow
    • Write up both what you accomplished and what were the blocks in Dialogflow for the feature you were not able to implement.

Potential Topics:

  • Referring expressions
  • Broader contextual interpretation (e.g. ellipsis, definite NPs)
  • Dialog evaluation
  • Clarification and error recovery

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