Schedule 2017

Topics more than two weeks ahead are PRELIMINARY based on previous year. Details will change

Check regularly for updated readings and assignments.

Note that links for slides for future classes won’t work (or may go to a previous semester). If I haven’t put up the slides for a class we’ve had, feel free to remind me.

Jurafsky & Martin= J&M

J&M Ch. 4, J&M Ch. 9.5J&M, Ch. 9.6


Dates Topic Reading Assignments
Sep 1 Overview of Speech and the Industry Demystifying Speech Recognition–the original
Demystifying Speech Recognition, Pieracchini’s take
Read and annotate Makhoul & Schwartz paper
Sep 5 Speech Recognizer Architecture   Rabiner HMM Tutorial Submit Makhoul & Schwartz paper annotated via Latte by 5pm Monday Sept 4th
Sep 8 Overview continued
Sep 12 WFSTs; OpenFST QuickTour Speech Recognition with WFST, Mohri
Weighted Automata
Sep 15 WFSts (Continued) Open FST Tutorial; WFSTs in Speech Recognition, Hannemann
Sep 19 Kaldi tutorial Kaldi Lectures by Dan Povey OpenWFST assignment due 9/18
Sep 23 No class
Sep 26 Phonetics and Language Resources J&M Ch. 7 Kaldi Part One due: follow the tutorial; due 9/25
Sep 29 Front End Feature Extraction J&M Ch. 9.1, 9.3
CMU Spectograms, Cepstrum, etc
Oct 3 No class
Oct 6 Gaussian Mixture Modeling; HMMs and Viterbi J&M HMMs, Andrew Moore, CMU, HMM Tutorial
Oct 10 CS Job Fair  J&M Ch. 9.4, 9.7
Oct 13 HMM Training: Baum-Welch; LM Review Eisner paper, Eisner spreadsheet
Oct 17 KALDI: Begin group work on WSJ corpus Kaldi documentation in /local/montera/cs136a/data/wsj2_LDC94S13A/
Oct 20 Language Modeling: Perplexity and smoothing
Oct 24 More Language Modeling Goodman, A bit of progress
Oct 27 SRILM: Creating Language Models SRILM site; SRILM 2001; SRILM at 16
Oct 31 Speaker Adaptation
Nov 3 In class Kaldi work: Triphone models and LMs
Nov 7 Pronunciation Modeling, Adding new words to the dictionary
Nov 10 Kaldi: Stage 3 and LM on new data
Nov 14 HTK Overview and more training improvements
Nov 17 Kaldi: Lattice Rescoring
Nov 21 OUCH: Outing Unfortunate Characteristics in HMMs Don’t Multiply Lightly; OUCH Final Report
Nov 24  Thanksgiving: No class
Nov 28 Introduction to Deep Neural Nets; Deep Neural Nets for NLP Deep Learning, Nature
Dec 1 Deep Neural Nets Group work on Kaldi or DNN research
Dec 5 Deep Neural Nets
Dec 8 Natural Language Understanding for Dialog DialogFlow NLP Tool; Alexa Prize Winner University of Washington
December 15, 1pm Volen 101 Final Presentations Group reflections