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Jurafsky & Martin= J&M If there’s no link, the chapter is available on Latte

Dates Topic Reading Assignments
Aug 31 Overview of Speech and the Industry XD: Speech Recognition Overview Read and annotate Sections 15.1 & 15.2
Sep 4 Speech Recognizer Architecture Kaldi Tutorial (will be assigning specific sections later) PA1: Kaldı Y/N tutorial, due 9/14
Sep 7 Phonetics and Front End Feature Extraction J&M Ch. 7

J&M Ch. 9.1, 9.3
CMU Spectograms, Cepstrum, etc

Sep 11 No Class
Sep 14 WFSTs; OpenFST QuickTour Speech Recognition with WFST, Mohri
Weighted AutomataOpen FST Tutorial; WFSTs in Speech Recognition, Hannemann
Sep 18  Bash and Shell
Sep 21 WFSts (Continued) PA2: OpenWFST assignment, due 9/27
Sep 25 No class
Sep 28 Kaldi Data and FeaturesHMMs and Viterbi


J&M HMMs, Andrew Moore, CMU, HMM Tutorial Kaldi RM recipe quiz part1, due 10/5
Oct 2 HMM Training: Baum-Welch and GMMs; Eisner paper, Eisner spreadsheet, J&M Ch. 9.4, 9.7
Oct 5 Kaldi Training and Testing; Kaldi Rm recipe quiz part2, due 10/9;

PA3: Kaldi RM pipeline, due 10/19

Oct 9 LM Review; Language Modeling: Perplexity and smoothing; Goodman, A bit of progress
Oct 12 More Language Modeling;  SRILM: Creating Language Models SRILM site; SRILM 2001; SRILM at 16
Oct 16 Pronunciation Modeling, Adding new words to the dictionary
Oct 19 Dialog Overview; Jurafsky:  Chatbots Ch.24 Dialog Systems & Chatbots, Jurafsky PA4: Statistic Language Model, due 10/26
Oct 23 Sounding Board: A Socialbot Alexa Prize Winner University of Washington; AlexaPrize 2017 & 2018
Oct 26 Building with DialogFlow DialogFlow NLP Tool
Oct 30 Web programming; Dialog Challenges
Nov 2 Dialog Design; But wait … Ch.25 Advanced Dialog Systems, Jurafsky Select paper for research
Nov 6 Advanced Dialog Systems
Nov 9 Text Generation; Start work on dialog papers Read selected paper
Nov 13 Dialog Evaluation; DNNs for Dialog Deep Learning, Nature
Nov 16
Nov 20 Class presentations
Nov 23 Thanksgiving: No class
Nov 27 Class presentations
Nov 30
Dec 4 Dialog research
Dec 7 Dialog research
Dec 11 Dialog research
TBD Final Presentations Group reflections