Papers on DNNs and Dialog

By | December 4, 2018

For this assignment, each member of the dialog paper groups should find a paper that applies deep learning to dialog, preferably addressing the same topic as your previous presentation. If there hasn’t been any work in that area using DNNs (for example in clarification dialogs), the group should decide on a new area, such as seq2seq dialog approaches, evaluation, or response generation and find a DNN in that area. Read your selection before class on Friday and be prepared to discuss it with your group. You will be selecting one paper to present to the class on Tuesday, Dec. 11. The presentation should provide a brief overview of the paper, your opinion on the quality of the work, and your thoughts about its impact on the field. Please include your names on the title slide and references to all the papers you considered on the final slide.

All slides should be put into this document so that we can go through them quickly on Tuesday the 11th.–kMMQ9dTCglwY7Qq7_rbAlBn6dY0/edit#slide=id.p

This document is in the Dialog Papers folder.

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