Dialog Topic Presentations

By | November 9, 2018
Presentations start Friday, Nov 16
15-20 minutes each (so each person’s part should be ~7 minutes)
Put your presentations in the Dialog Topics folder

Today:  Discuss the papers

  • What is the key problem it is addressing
  • Where/how was it successful
  • What challenges does it identify?

Research:  Each person in the group

  • Select a related paper on some aspect that you’re interested in
  • Foundational work(e.g. some theoretical foundation for the work)
  • Work that moves this work forward
  • Work that tackles some specific aspect of the original paper


  • What problem is the original paper addressing?
  • Where/how was the work successful
  • What are the challenges?
  • How does your individual paper relate
  • What are its contributions?


  • Start you presentation with names of the group members on the slide
  • Include any background info members of the class might need to understand the presentation
  • Include examples!!!
  • Make sure it’s readable–think about fonts and colors, and not too much explanatory text
  • Can you use a diagram rather than a description?
  • When you present, be ready and focus on the class, not the slides
  • Make sure you’ve decided who’s computer your using and how you’re connecting